The efficient way to adapt your schedule to any situation

Learn how you can adapt your resources to meet your changing business needs with Merinio, a flexible and robust Workforce Automation software designed for the modern organization.


Reduction of up to 94% of the management time needed for schedule creation and adjustments
Reduction of labor costs by 3-5% with Just-in-time modification
Increase regulatory compliance to 99%: labor laws and collective agreements, etc.

  • Complexity of your labor management processes;
  • Reaction time;
  • Service delays;
  • Grievances;
  • Scheduling and payroll inaccuracies;
  • Overstaffing and overtime.
  • Resources to changes in your business environment (weather and customer requests);
  • Schedules based on employee availability (planned and last minute);
  • Levels of service to achieve customer satisfaction objectives;
  • Scheduling practices to meet ever-changing compliance requirements.
  • Employee engagement;
  • Transparency in your management processes;
  • Fairness in shift assignments;
  • Ease of access and sharing of information;
  • Customer satisfaction.

The Scheduling Automation Cycle

Planning and managing your workforce can be stressful! Fortunately, Merinio assists you in the entire process of workforce management by providing you all the tools necessary to carry out your tasks, from planning to analysis.

Our plans

We know every business is different. Find a plan that fits your needs and include additional features to create your ideal solution.


For companies looking for a scheduling software that provides all the tools essential for easily creating and sharing schedules.


For companies looking for a workforce management software that verifies their schedules’ compliance to legal, union, and company rules, and offers a multitude of communication methods to ensure that no employee misses a notification.


For companies looking to maximize time and cost savings through their workforce management process by taking advantage of the most advanced analytical automation tools.

Find out how Merinio Workforce Automation can help you

Talk to us about your business goals and challenges. Together we’ll find the best solution.

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