The weather doesn’t care about your schedule, we do!

Merinio offers a workforce management platform specifically created for companies where managing schedules is complex and time consuming.

Our solution simplifies the balancing act of taking into consideration every rule and availability, giving you the power to adapt your schedule to your business’ needs. With our proprietary, fully automated shift fulfillment system, we make last minute changes a breeze and allow you to always have the right employees, at the right time.


Reduction of your workforce management time
Configured to your collective agreement rules to avoid grievances
Reduction of your operational costs
Connected to all your systems to allow instant information transmission
Automated communication with employees to save managers time
Helps you respect your delays and desired level of service


Number of automated emails


Number of automated calls


Number of automated text messages

Our Plans


For companies with simple workforce needs that want the option to adapt their tools to the needs of an expanding business.

Traditional scheduling tool:

Easy and rapid schedule creation Absence logging through inbound calls Centralized data for easy reporting


For companies looking to reduce repetitive tasks, increase operational agility and embark on a digital transformation by automating shift fulfillment.

Workforce management tool:

Easier schedule creation Automated replacements through inbound and outbound calls Project management


For companies seeking state-of-the-art technology that automates the maximum amount of tasks.

Fully automated workforce management tool:

Easiest way to create schedules Automated replacements through inbound and outbound calls Project management, simultaneous calling and chat support