Simplify the coordination of your work team.

It is not easy to maintain a schedule that is optimal for your clients and staff, and that respects your budgets, internal regulations or collective agreement. Improve the work experience of your managers and employees thanks to our scheduling and dispatching automation tools.


To help everyone during these difficult times, we commit to doing everything in our power to facilitate the companies' ability to maintain a level of service that meets customer expectations by simplifying their means of communication. To this end, Merinio offers its Absence Management System free of charge to any company that feels the need.

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What we do

Planning and managing your workforce can be stressful! Fortunately, Merinio assists you in the entire process of workforce management by providing you all the tools necessary to carry out your tasks, from planning to analysis.

What we do

What Merinio is all about


Since our software is used to perform daily tasks that have a direct impact on our clients' service level, our development team always tries to design with speed of execution as a priority. In order to be able to make last-minute adjustments and deal with the unexpected, our users need to be able to work quickly. Whether it is through the configuration of your settings, the creation of schedule templates, quick editing features or automated call lists, your team will be more efficient than ever.


After several years in business and multiple client meetings, a trend can be observed: all companies have different needs and ways of doing things. In order to respond to this reality, we are constantly trying to offer as many configuration options as possible to allow our clients to take ownership of our software, save time and avoid errors. Whether it is how employees' skills are structured, how information is presented or the internal rules that are applied, the way they view information, we try to mimic their existing processes instead of imposing a new way of working.


Innovation and adaptation are at the centre of the company's vision and the experience we try to offer our customers. We maintain a strong bond with all of our clients in order to understand the challenges they face on a daily basis and how they use our software to overcome them. By providing new releases every two weeks, we can ensure that they in turn are able to adapt to any situation.


The company's first mandate was to automate the shift assignment process in a unionized environment. Since then, compliance with internal rules, laws and collective agreements has been at the heart of our system. The savings in time, money and peace of mind that we have been able to offer our clients, thanks to this thoroughness, are a source of pride for us and will continue to be at the centre of our future decisions.


We see our clients first and foremost as business partners; they are experts in their fields who inspire the way our system works and the innovations we create. From the outset, we try to understand their situation and the challenges they face as best we can. We try to maintain this partnership throughout the relationship by surveying our users, responding as quickly as possible to questions and support requests, and personally training our super-users to create in-house experts. This close relationship has allowed us to offer a product that is always more useful and adapted to the needs of our partners.


  • Complexity of your labor management processes
  • Reaction time
  • Service delays
  • Grievances
  • Scheduling and payroll inaccuracies
  • Overstaffing and overtime
  • Resources to changes in your business environment
  • Schedules based on employee availability
  • Levels of service to achieve customer satisfaction objectives
  • Scheduling practices to meet ever-changing compliance requirements
  • Employee engagement
  • Transparency in your management processes
  • Fairness in shift assignments
  • Ease of access and sharing of information
  • Customer satisfaction

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