Plan, schedule, and manage your diverse workforce

Make adjustments in an instant and optimize the use of your human capital. Maintain control on costs and customer satisfaction, even in the most dynamic and complex business environments.

The Merinio Workforce Automation Software

Merinio’s intelligent scheduling tools help simplify the complicated yet crucial processes that mid to large scale workforce managers face on a daily basis. Whether it’s planning for the future, optimizing the coming weeks, or making real time adjustments to meet daily demands, Merinio provides workforce professionals with the scheduling support tools to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time - always!

Key Features

Labor Forecasting

Measure the quantity of qualified personnel available to satisfy a specific demand, and identify the gaps. Compare your plan against your resource mix and gain insights on your hiring and training needs.

Auto Shift Fulfillment

Automatically identify and contact the most appropriate personnel available to fill vacancies. Request their confirmation and adapt your roster in a single click.

On demand Schedule Validation

Verify the validity of any schedule, at any time, to signal potential issues, such as expired contracts, expired certifications, insufficient rest time, schedule conflicts, etc.

Compliance Engine

Ensure the optimal personnel is selected for the task at hand, respecting your business, health & safety, and union preferences or constraints.

Quick schedule

Easily create and assign multiple shifts to one or more employees.

Template Assistant

Quickly assign available employees to an existing schedule template.

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