Simplify Schedule Management

Managing your team's schedule takes up a lot of your time... every day? Scheduling is a tedious task. Creating a schedule that matches the availability and qualifications of all your employees and ensures customer satisfaction is not easy. All the more so if your labour needs vary and you want to respect your internal rules or your collective agreement at all costs.

Forget about the hassles associated with :

  • A large number of employees, their availability and qualifications
  • Decentralization of schedule management
  • Scheduling in unionized environments
  • Distribution of employees across multiple sites

Simplify your schedule creation

Facilitate the delicate task of schedule management with software that will take into account all of your company's specific constraints and offer you a maximum of automation options.

Enforce your business rules

Be assured that all your rules and preferences are respected by automating the creation of schedules and the assignment of shifts. Standardizing your business processes could save you up to 75% in management time while ensuring the optimal use of your current workforce.

Facilitate shift attribution

Equip yourself with a system that gives you a quick and detailed view of available resources. Allocate your shifts effortlessly and without error, while respecting your customers' requirements and employee preferences.

Do you consider your schedule management too complex? Book an appointment with our team to find out how our solution can solve your challenges.

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