Changes in customer requests or variations in volume may occur at any time. In order to be able to adjust your schedule on time, it is essential that a schedule management software allows you to complete your tasks efficiently, especially if you manage a large number of employees. Whether it is at the level of information structure, mass assignment and modification tools or templates that you can create and apply in an instant, our software is built to save you time in your daily tasks.


By offering highly configurable software, we enable users to work the way they prefer. We don't want companies to be forced to change the way they work because they have a new tool. We want our tool to be able to replicate their way of working and allow them to do it more accurately. Whether you have to follow union rules or you have strict internal processes that have always been established, we can meet your needs.


With enough information on the availability, skills and restrictions of your employees, as well as the requirements of your positions and projects, we can assure you that the assignment of your shifts will be done without errors. By identifying all problem cases and the reasons why the pairing between this employee and the position you want to assign him/her to doesn't match, we allow you to build the perfect schedule the first time and avoid wasting time.


We believe that schedule management is much more than just a calendar. It is a dynamic process that must be done in collaboration with all stakeholders. For a company whose schedules may vary, it is essential that employees be aware of upcoming shifts, be able to confirm their presence and receive emergency requests when an adjustment is required. This is why we believe that schedule management cannot be done without an integrated internal communication system.

Trying to figure out if I need a new tool

To help you figure out if you would gain from changing the way you work, we'll start by presenting the most common situation we see: the creation and adjustment of schedules usually impacts many stakeholders in the organization and too often, companies don't have optics on the true cost of that process due to their reliance on inadequate management tools.

Businesses that have a large pool of employees, many of whom are part-time, that have a varying demand in terms of staffing level, and a level of service that must be maintained, do not have typical needs. Paper and pencil, and mainstream software are rarely sufficient for these types of businesses.

Therefore, we invite you to try our cost calculator to find out the true cost of your schedule management!


Now that you know how much it costs you to create and adjust your schedule, the next steps if you want to reduce your costs would be to diagnose the problem, build your requirements and compare existing solutions to find the one that best suits your specific needs.
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Understanding the specific needs of each team can be challenging, which is why we offer you an interactive sample form that each manager can fill out. All you have to do is download it and it's ready to use! Thanks to the answers collected, you will have all the information you need to make the right choice.


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